Tips on How to Take Care of Phone Battery so that it lasts longer, Doesn’t Break Quickly

Here is who doesn’t have an Android cellphone, this sophisticated smartphone that is priced at a cheap price. The increasing number of users of Android, BlackBerry, Iphone and Windows Phone, but there are still many who do not know yet. How to treat HP, Android, BlackBerry, Iphone and Windows Phone batteries, all of which are durable, not fast, not leaky, durable and not Bloating.

Actually, the time given by the factory to the battery should be long, but because we don’t know how to use our battery, it’s short. Therefore, the Admin will give you a tutorial so that your battery will last forever.

How to Take Care of Phone Battery

1. Do not use when charging

If you are charging a cellphone, do not use it, because it will have a bad impact on the cellphone itself. It can be quickly dropped, the battery is quickly hot, the life of the cellphone will decrease and result in rapid damage.

2. Avoid hot spots

Do not place your cellphone in any place or in a high temperature place, this will result in your cellphone being damaged quickly.

3. If you have a new cellphone

If you have just bought a new cellphone, you must first check it for about 4 hours in a condition that is turned off, or at least full.

4. Try not to empty the battery

In the use of HP all brands, try not to 0% because it will reduce the life of the HP battery slowly, at least you charge your cellphone 20% and a maximum of 50%, because charging too long will have a bad impact on your cellphone.

5. The Best Battery Condition 40%

There is a study that Lithium-ion batteries that the best condition of the battery is 40%.

6. Keep away from the cold place

If you place a cold temperature it also has a negative impact on the HP Battery, the result is almost the same as overheating.

7. Full Battery Warning must be removed

When the Full Battery is attempted to be directly dislodged / revoked the battery charging, do not let it recharge again.

8. Do not punch when the phone is hot

If your cellphone is hot (just used), don’t rush it, because when you just “rest” you are immediately told to “work” again. It will reduce the durability of your battery.

9. Turn off APP that is not in use

When you take a break, turn off applications that are not used, because if you don’t use them, they will continue to eat the battery.

10. Don’t communicate while charging your phone

When you recharge don’t use it because it will make the Stone work extra, and the battery gets hot.

11. Keep Screen Brightness

When using a cellphone, it is recommended that the brightness (Brightness) of your cellphone is always low, because high brightness will consume high battery energy as well.

12. Minimize the Use of Power Banks

Indeed, the power bank is very useful for cellphones wherever you are, but if you are at home or where, if possible in a power outlet, try to use a wall socket because if you use Power Bank often, your HP Battery will heat up quickly. Always use the original charger to charge your phone. You can get the original charger at online store such as Toko Nano Samsung.

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