Asus FX503VM NS52 Price and Complete Specifications

Are you confused about finding a laptop for anti-crash games? Or maybe you guys are looking for a laptop with a contemporary design? Here, know the Asus Fx503vm laptop. This laptop besides having a unique and elegant design, the specifications inside are already qualified. Curious about what the full specifications are? Here’s the full review:

Body Design of Asus FX503VM Gaming Laptop

ASUS FX503VM Review

Asus FX503VM has the first screen design using full HD Matte IPS level of 15.6 inches, which can provide a super soft visual effect. So that makes this laptop able to eliminate the effects of highlight and disturbing reflections. Not only that, the Fx503vm also has a weight of 2.5 kg and the thickness is only 2.4 cm, it is easy to carry everywhere. For the keyboard itself has been seriously designed by Asus with a 1.8mm low profile scissor switch button, the red background lights up. And of course the WASD button highlights N-key rollover, wide space bar, isolated arrow keys and key cap with 0.25 mm curvature. Making it possible for gamers to control quickly, accurately, comfortably and easily.
Hardware and Software

Asus FX503VM is equipped with original Windows 10, the latest generation Intel Core 7 processor with speeds reaching 7700HQ (2.80GHz), NVIDIA geforce GTX 10 series graphics CPU and uses an intelligent cooling system. Not only that, Asus also provides Microsoft DirectX 12, making it easy to up-date software and secure it. Internal storage reaches 1 TB while the external up to 500GB, and DDR4 DRAM 32GB makes it easy for gamers to play at high speeds and multitask. The most important asus Fx503vm is equipped with ICE power technology microphone and speaker array, so that it can provide the best effect for games, watching movies or listening to music.

Price and Color Options of Asus FX503VM Gaming Laptop

This best laptop for trading is priced at under $1000, and only has one color, silver black titanium. With the specifications outlined above, I chose this laptop as best gaming laptop under $1000. You can already play games with visual effects, speed, and comfort at prices that are relatively cheap compared to overseas market prices. Not to forget, the Asus Fx503vm laptop is equipped with one audio jack port, 3 USB type A 3.0, one RF45 LAN port, HDMI, and a multi-format card reader. As well as dual wifi 802.11ac 2×2 antenna, bluetooth 4.1 which makes it easy to transfer data and receive networks.

That’s the price and complete specifications of Asus Fx503vm. How? Have you decided to buy it?

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